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Swick is back, but is he healthy?

Mike Swick surprised a lot of people a few days ago by teasing that he might be back in action in January. That’s because the last we heard from him, he said he was done fighting till he could fix the esophageal spasms that were fucking his performances up in the cage:

“That was a fight where I really wanted more than anything to back out of that fight the week of the fight. I would never do that, but it was just the worst week of my whole career,” Swick said. “Every aspect of it was terrible. I got almost no sleep. My stomach was at its worst because of my esophagus issue. I was cramping pretty much non-stop and I wasn’t able to eat anything. I was just really malnourished.”

“We’re hoping it works, because that would get me back to training and fighting really fast,” Swick said. “It’s put a damper on my life outside of fighting. My personal life, my social life, this just stops you from enjoying life so much. … It basically feels like you’re having a heart attack. It’s these spasms inside your chest, and if you eat the wrong food it triggers it for hours.”

Two months later and he’s signed on to fight soft rebound David Mitchell, who lost his debut UFC fight to TJ Waldburger on a fight night undercard. Is Swick cured? Not quite:

Two days after undergoing an experimental treatment for his ongoing esophageal issues, UFC welterweight Mike Swick told MMA Fighting on Thursday that he’s “optimistic” about his fighting future for the first time in a long time.

Swick said it will still be a few more days before he knows for sure whether the botox injection in his esophagus had the desired effect of paralyzing his esophageal muscles in order to stop the spasms. While the treatment, which involved probing into his throat while he was sedated but semi-conscious, was “not super-pleasant,” he said, things are already looking up.

“It’s hard to tell yet how effective it was. It’s getting better, and I can already tell it’s better than it was before, but I have to wait for the swelling to go down so I can see how much back to normal my throat really is.”

“Worst case, if it doesn’t get any better and the medicine isn’t helping at all, that fight [against Mitchell] might be determining whether I can even fight anymore. But I don’t see that being an issue. After my last fight, that’s what I was scared of. I actually had the thought that I wouldn’t fight again. Being able to get this chance again, it’s kind of like a rebirth.”

I’ll save that kind of talk until Swick can eat a normal meal and not feel like an alien is about to ‘rebirth’ out his chest cavity. But it is pretty cool that botox can be used for more than just making dumb rich chicks look like freaks. Here’s hoping a regular deep-throat and squirt regiment can return Mike Swick to his formerly quick ways!