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Sweet baby Jesus, wear a cup when rolling

Okay, this blows my mind so I just thought I’d make a public service announcement on the site. If you do any kind of grappling or jiu-jitsu, for fucks sake … wear a cup. This seems like the most basic thing you should have to tell people, alongside “Don’t shit your pants” and “Leave 15 year old girls alone”. Why? Read this little snippit from one of our jackals’ jiu-jitsu blogs:

There was a guy there who I remember used to give me some trouble. We used to be about the same level. This time though he was either tired or out of shape or something (or maybe I am improving!) but he had nothing for me. I managed to triangle him despite crushing my balls badly (still considering whether I should wear a groin guard or not.)

Dear lord, jiu-jitsu is gay enough even without the mental image of someone’s face crushed into someone’s nuts. I consider myself to be pretty secure in my sexuality, but I draw the line at rolling with people who don’t wear cups. It’s fucking gross, and you can feel that shit all up on yo’self: cock on your thigh when passing guard, testicles on your chest when you get mounted. It’s terrible. Really terrible.

So as a public service announcement from everyone who doesn’t like to feel your squishy genitals pressed up against them, I implore you all: WEAR A GODDAMN CUP WHEN ROLLING.

  • fil says:

    God Bless you for this public service announcement.

    Cover you gnads gents and gals. I don’t want to feel them on me rolling.

  • Wu Tang says:

    So what is up with the uproar? I dont wear a cup when i roll, whats the point? It restricts movments and doesnt feel natural. I guess you are beginner to understand what i mean. Most that wears cups are either coming from a wrestling backround or getting ready for a fight or someone who had bad exp from sparring. Wearing a cup is personal preference. Most bjj/grappling tourni’s rules is to wear a cup, but i doubt taht 70 percent actually wears them. Also, you can pull more moves if you are not wearing a cup… You dont be suprised how pissed i get when a guy is riding me with his cup on, basically trying to get me mad by doing certian moves…. So dont wear a cup if you roll with me, ill go gorilla bjj on you! Gorilla jj is a team for going balls out while sparing :)

  • Accomando says:

    triangle choke without cup = ghey

  • But nobody in my gym wears a cup! Nobody except the Shooto guys who train standup!


    But the evidence “for” is definitely, painfully mounting.

    I didn’t even blog about the time when I was trying to pass a judo guy’s guard and he slapped on a pathetic triangle attempt (with neither of my arms trapped!) and basically just squeezed my head between his (uncupped) legs. My mouth was open and everything.

  • Accomando says:

    “…I was trying to pass a judo guy’s guard and he slapped on a pathetic triangle attempt (with neither of my arms trapped!) and basically just squeezed my head between his (uncupped) legs. My mouth was open and everything…”

    This was in “training” you say? Not mixing memories here with something else?

    j/k Mr.U-P, was just too easy.

  • falkofire says:

    your not allowed to wear one in jiu jitsu competions… they can be a real pain inflicting thing… but yeah… God Bless tha Shock Doctor.

  • andres says:

    Haha fuckin gaaay haha u like it I bet

  • Fester says:

    I see your point; however, bjj guys rarely wear cups. To take issue with the cup in my academy would be retarded and possibly suicidal. “Hey, dude who just beat my ass, I don’t like your balls rubbing on my face. Are you a fag or something?” Let the ass whipping begin.

  • mike o says:

    when i dont wear a cup (because i forgot it or whatever) it sucks because when i do an armbar i forget to pinch my thighs together and i end up crushing my balls when i arch into the armbar. one time i tapped myself out trying to armbar someone! it sucked.

    also, when performing a triangle, your nuts should not be near their face really or you are maybe doing something wrong.

    I have a favorite guard pass i call the “marracas karakas”, otherwise known as the knee up the middle guard pass. lord help you if you arent wearing a cup against me.

  • MacDaddy says:

    Mouthguard is not a bad idea, either….

  • P W says:

    If you’re not wearing a cup while you’re grappling I guess you don’t have much to protect! :)

    But honestly, a failed guard pass with the guy coming down knee first of your family jewels will definitely make you were a cup next time! I wouldn’t want to grapple without a mouth guard either – not to bite my tongue. 😛