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I was gonna use this picture to comment on Jens Pulver’s ballsy sweater vest from last night’s WEC but I just realized he’s got heterochromia iridium, aka DEMON EYES! Not quite as evil as Jonathan Goulet but still pretty creepy.

And now because I wanna know what you guys thought of his performance, let’s use the comments on this post to debate how Jens did as color commentator. Here’s our bud Ariel Helwani settling into his new job at Versus:

We can all stop worrying about Jens Pulver because the MMA legend has found his place in the sport. We all know that “Lil’ Evil” is not the same fighter as he used to be, making this move to the broadcast booth a great new career choice. Plus, it makes a lot more sense to have one of the best featherweight fighters of all-time calling the action than heavyweight Frank Mir. Pulver did a great job throughout the telecast of educating the casual fan while catering to the hardcores. He also rocked that sweater vest like only he could.

I agree that having a lightweight pioneer doing color for the WEC makes more sense than keeping heavyweight Frank Mir around. He’s already a huge guy so having him in the cage interviewing flyweights would have looked retarded. I am also slightly amused though that the WEC’s color seat is becoming a pity job for washed up fighters. Frank Mir managed to pull things back from the brink. Will Jens be able to as well?