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Suspension hammer hovers above brawl fighters

It looks like Tennessee is planning on punishing everyone involved in the Strikeforce CBS brawl. Scott Coker has just revealed that Robbie Lawler will be taking on Babalu at a 195 pound catchweight in June instead of Jason Miller since the commission indicated that Mayhem would most likely be serving a suspension at the time. The fight is good news for Babalu, who just found out his DREAM gig in May no longer exists. By the time he fights for Strikeforce in June, he’ll have been without a fight for over 10 months. I’m sure Lawler is thrilled about another catchweight fight, but a fight is a fight and he’s also no stranger to riding the Strikeforce bench for long periods of time.

As for news regarding the fate of Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, the Diaz brothers, and that random fat dude involved in the scrum, it might be a while:

Tennessee Athletic Commission Director Jeff Mullen said on Thursday that the incident was still under investigation. It was intonated that any potential sanctioning process with the fighters involved could take anywhere from one to two months to determine. Mullen declined to give further comment.

If Nick Diaz is lucky, the commission might move so inexplicably slow he might not get suspended before his headline DREAM fight on May 29th against Mach Sakurai. Then again, it’s not like he’s the kind of person who’d let a pesky thing like that stop him from fighting in Japan.