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Surprise! Frank Shamrock Says Stupid Shit

While the Frank Shamrock vs. Nick Diaz main event for Strikeforce might still be a few months away, it’s never too soon for Frank to say stupid shit if there’s someone within earshot that will write it down and publish it somewhere.

My natural body weight is about 184 pounds. I don’t know how these other guys gain this weight and do this crazy stuff, but I’ve always weighed 184 pounds. I think I’m just going to skip a meal, stop drinking beer for lunch, and I should be 179 pounds.

I’d like to get into how a professional athlete who claims to be a role model for young people saying he drinks beer for lunch is inherently stupid, but I hate children passionately so I could care less. Kids constantly moan about dumb shit, like what new toys they want or how it’s too cold because daddy didn’t pay the heat bill. They make a big deal out of irrelevant topics, like what name-brand jeans they own or how their generation will be stuck paying for the current economic stimulus package in the years to come. In short, fuck kids.

The real stupidity of Frank’s comment is in the fact that it’s bullshit. He prides himself on the phenomenal physical shape he’s in and clearly does not drink beer for lunch. This is more than likely some attempt at sarcastic humor from Frank and for that I hate him more. Add comments like this in with Frank’s constant assertions of being the best ever despite his years away from the sport, throw in some visibly painful braces and that smug grin, and you’ll have the makings of a shit sandwich. Maybe you can eat that for lunch, Frank.