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Sure, why not?

M-1 Global’s ‘Breakthrough’ event has gotten even stranger. Last we heard, they hadn’t bothered to get a promoter’s license for California and then decided to move the event to Kansas City rather than fill out Nevada’s pesky 30 pages worth of paperwork. Now they have two new main bouts: King Mo versus Mark Kerr (who is replacing Don Frye) and Fedor versus Mousasi.

Wait, what?

Yep, M-1 Global is going back to the well for another special sparring exhibition like they did with Fedor and Shinya Aoki back in May. I assume this is an attempt to drum up ticket sales and raise Fedor’s visibility in the US, and I’m not going to say it’s a bad idea. It just obviously wasn’t the original plan, and so it just comes across as gimmicky … something to pad a weak card. Which is what it is so there we go.

The sparring match announcement also takes people’s attention off the steaming turd of a main event. Mark Kerr’s career died an ignoble death almost a decade ago, and I don’t know why people continue to book him. Maybe there’s someone who’s been in a coma for 15 years who’ll wake up and go “Wow, Mark Kerr!” Everyone else knows exactly what to expect. There’s a very good reason Kerr isn’t even featured on the promotional material, and it’s not because King Mo can carry that shit on his own. Mark is literally the posterboy for steroid and pain killer addiction in MMA and looks more like a manate than man nowadays.