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Josh Huber’s highlight video – misspelled on Youtube, but I didn’t post the video

I know that Ryan is busy today, but that certainly hasn’t engendered any kind of expectation that we fill in the gap for him.  Besides, I’m busy too – in just a few short hours, I’ll be heading out to the Colorado Fight League card that’s happening tonight to watch my friend Josh Huber headline.  We have a great site in Colorado called that keeps us up to date on all the local happenings, and I’ll bet your area has one, too.

We’re the kind of fans that are going to sustain the sport no matter what happens.  Many of us were the ones that supported the sport during the Dark Ages, and were thrilled (or, strangely, disappointed) when the sport rose to its current perch.  However, professional elite-level MMA doesn’t exist in a vacuum – everyone gets a start somewhere, and it’s almost always on local shows.  They’re filled with aspiring athletes, making a mere couple hundred bucks for the same weeks of blood, sweat and tears for which you hear writers saying the UFC doesn’t pay enough.  I saw Chris Camozzi a little over a year ago – now he’s a UFC fighter.  It’s a cool feeling.

Yeah, we know more than most fans, we’re more into it and we browse the Internet all day for news, opinion and everything else related to MMA.  I’m here to encourage all of you to get off your asses, shell out a twin and watch some fucking fights.  Hey, it beats crying about being too broke to afford WEC tickets all day!