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Superfight yes, superfight no

While the media sure is having a lot of fun asking Stephan Bonnar variations on the question ‘Are you shitting yourself right now?’, asking Anderson Silva about the Stephan Bonnar fight is less of a priority. Instead, they’re concentrating on asking about the fights that matter: title defenses at 185, a superfight with Georges St Pierre, and a superfight with Jon Jones. And while Andy has given fans a boner over his ‘focus’ on making the GSP fight happen, his ‘No’ answers to the Jones match just keep getting no-ier.

“There are many possibilities, but fighting Jon Jones is one of them that I don’t think is possible,” Silva said today during a press conference in support of UFC 153. “There’s no way.”

Fortunately for fans, we’ve got Dana White on our side. After a random fan tweeted him wistfully wishing that Spider vs Bones will happen, Dana responded ‘it will’ and then in standard Twitter Dana fashion told those who dared doubt him to shut up.  Of course there’s no doubt that Dana White wants to see these fights happen as much as fans do. He and Lorenzo Fertitta don’t seem like the kind of guys who aren’t interested in headlining fights that will break records and propel the sport out of it’s current rut. Here he is talking up all the biggies he’s currently gunning for:

I know a lot of fans want to see [middleweight champion] Anderson Silva vs GSP. So if GSP beats Carlos, that fight could happen. People want to see Anderson against [light heavyweight champion] Jon Jones. I wouldn’t mind seeing that fight. We try to put on the absolute best fights possible, but when you talk about dream fights, those are a couple of cool dream fights. Maybe Jon Jones vs [heavyweight champion] Junior Dos Santos?

So he’s really good at stirring up fights when talking to the press but when it’s time for the rubber to hit the road and the fights to actually get booked, this shit happens:

That GSP/Anderson Silva fight is just talk, it’s not reality. … I haven’t even talked to Georges St-Pierre or Anderson Silva about those guys fighting each other. If things all work out that way we’ll see what happens, but there’s no guarantee that fight’s going to happen

How insane is it that a fight that fans have been spazzing out on for YEARS hasn’t even been officially brought up with the guys involved? It was crazy when Dana stated that a year and a half ago and even crazier now. And it all makes me continue to think we ain’t getting no damn superfights.