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The UFC just wrapped up a press conference in Calgary and here I was expecting them to show up, announce they were coming to Cow Town, trot out some Canadian mid-carders to talk about how exciting coming to Alberta is, and then pack up and leave. But no! Instead we’ve got some pretty big news reveals:

Canada went from having 0 events in 2012 to three events as it was announced they’d host UFC 149 in Calgary on July 21st, UFC 152 in Toronto on September 22, and UFC 154 in Montreal on November 17. No Vancouver events for at least two years because Vancouver sucks. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion they’re saving the sexy sounding UFC 150 for New York and Madison Square Garden? I wonder where it will go when the state f*cks up legalization again … probably Vegas.

Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 2 will take place in Rio De Janeiro at a soccer stadium TBA on a date TBA sometime mid to late June. This clears up fears that lamewads in Sao Paolo had nixed the Sonnen Stadium show entirely over noise complaints. Your loss, suckers! Rio knows how to accept a few bucks under the table and look the other way. Dana claims the venue will hold 80,000 people, giving MMA reporters with google skills the opportunity to play ‘Guess the Stadium’ on twitter all afternoon.

All this, plus Georges St Pierre said “It’s something that could happen, of course” when asked about Anderson Silva! Wooooow, it could happen. IT COULD HAPPEN! I’m so frickin excited it could happen! It probably won’t, of course. BUT IT COULD!