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Super Fight League’s TUF clone is out

While rumors continue to swirl that India’s Super Fight League is on the verge of busting, they’ve managed to put out the first episode of their TUF clone, SFL Challengers. Which is impressive, considering the number of companies that have tried and failed to get their MMA reality show off the ground. If the show manages to capture the imagination of Indian viewers, the Super Fight League may be saved yet and MMA in India advanced forward the same way TUF changed the game in America. Or (more likely) it will fizzle out with low ratings and become a footnote in history like Iron Ring.

If you’re not over-TUF’d from TUF Live, TUF Brazil, and the TUF Smashes, TUF Brasil 2 and TUF FX 2 seasons coming later this year, check this out. Episode 1 is all about introducing the contestants and their disapproving families. Personally, I’m cheering for Lipika and Siddesh. I haven’t seen either of them fight yet, but Lipika is a fox and Siddesh has a mighty mustache. Here in America staches were retired like hallowed jersey numbers after the Dan Severn and Don Frye era, so it may be hard to live up to the facial hair. But I have faith. I am with your dreams, Siddesh!

  • Reverend Clint says:

    id rather watch Kaiju Big Battel

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Not having a fight definitely hurts the first episode. Unacceptable decision, right there.

    The pretty karateka girl you like is probably gettin’ merc’d.

    I got a kick out of them giving that cat the Dana treatment with slo-mos and whatnot, but that’s about it.

    The analysis they gave each other was the most interesting part, but seemed jumbled and rambling during my first viewing. However, I will not be watching again to check.

    I first thought the matchup announcement would sap the life outta the show, but realized this is smarter. They can build each matchup’s fighter anticipation, stress, fear, friendships, etc throughout the entire season instead of one episode. Big win on their part. best aspect of the show.

    I’ll check out the second episode, but I think the first shitty fight will turn me off. There’s plenty of shitty MMA to watch, without having to listen to people run their mouth about how great the gym and free/sponsored moisturizer is.

    Hope it works out in the Indian market though. Any idea what the numbers were over there?