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Stuff I hate

Gotta get something off my chest since I seem to be in the middle of a serious case of MMA malaise. Surprisingly enough, there’s usually very little that actually bothers me in MMA … I complain a lot, but overall I’m happy with the way things are and the direction the sport is going. But lately there’s been a number of things which are really starting to drive me nuts and get me down. I’m hoping that this post will be a sort of therapy that will let me get a few things off my chest so I can go back to giving a shit about the current trickle of news coming out.

Womens MMA – All you fuckers who think womens MMA is garbage: you are idiots and sexist morons. The fact that you don’t even realize that you are being sexist … well, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about that. Considering many of you are still having ish coming to terms with homos, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the same kind of gut reaction primitive excuse for a thought process would be applied to female fighting. Still, as if reading the majority of MMA forums out there wasn’t enough to make me lose faith in humanity, the fuckheads who actively rally against female MMA really get to me.

Other promotions – I’m sick and tired of seeing morons run MMA promotions into the goddamn ground. ProElite, Affliction, the AFL, the IFL and on and on and on and on. Statistically speaking, it’s amazing that we’ve had so many piss poor businessmen get into the sport. You can make the argument that the UFC killed all these promotions, but I’m going to disagree with that. These promotions DO IT TO THEMSELVES before the UFC even takes it’s gloves off, and that’s what drives me insane.

Promoting events is not inter-dimensional time traveling. Here’s how it works:

  • Rent a venue
  • rent a cage
  • book some fucking fights
  • promote the goddamn event
  • sell tickets to the goddamn event
  • Make sure that you make more in ticket sales than you spent on the rest of that shit
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Congratulations, you’re a successful promoter.

If you can’t fucking do that, then what the fuck are you doing in the sport? Fuck off.

I’m sick of tired of not having anything good to say about anyone other than Strikeforce and the UFC. How am I supposed to get excited about a promotion that projectile vomits millions of dollars worth of losses every time they throw an event? How am I supposed to treat people seriously when they say they want to take on the UFC when they can’t even take on the red ink that is threatening to drown them at any moment? I’ve made a job for myself of pointing out when people are being fucking idiots but I pray to the harsh gods of MMA that one day someone will show up that KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING.

Elusive fighters- It’s all the rage nowadays in mixed martial arts and it’s the shittiest development in the sport since lay and pray. Sure, it takes more skill to pull off effectively than lay and pray, but that doesn’t make it any less bullshit. Stripping it down to the core, if you put two elusive fighters in the cage, they will circle each other for 15 minutes and NOTHING will happen. Hit and run fighting is a major step in the wrong direction for the sport, and I can only pray that a new strategic evolution in the sport will expose it and destroy it before we end up in the same boat as boxing: with more disappointing fights than exciting fights.

I love the drama and anarchy of MMA … it feels like the wild wild west around here where anything can happen and often does. But at the root of it all, if there’s no substance under all the shit then what’s the point? There’s 1001 other intangible elements that have gotten under my skin. Standgate and everything it exposed. People calling fix now whenever anything remotely odd happens in a fight. More and more good fights not happening because of the promotions or the fighters involved. It seems like there’s more lawyers fighting in this sport than fighters themselves. Exploitation going both ways between fighters and promotions, and exploitation of the fan. And for all the good fans and good people in the sport, I’ve begun to realize it isn’t ‘ours’ … MMA as a culture is being over run by meatheads, ginos, wankers, and poseurs.

Sometimes it feels like there’s more negativity out there than positivity. God knows I don’t contribute much in the way of the latter, but what we do is fueled by our love of the sport and can only really be enjoyed by those who share our enthusiasm for the sport. In the beginning, all this shit was a distraction to tide us over between the events and hype us up for the next show. Then it changed so that good events recharged our batteries and redeemed our faith in mixed martial arts. Now there are times where I finish watching an event and I’m more weary and sick of things than I was going in. I don’t know if a corner has been turned in the sport but I do wonder at times like this if a corner has turned in my own personal feelings towards it. Has my own cynicism destroyed a good part of the enjoyment I got out of things?

Evan Tanner dying, Rampage going crazy, Luke Cummo’s DWI, ProElite failing due to the grossest of gross executive mismanagement – resulting in friends of ours losing their jobs, Anderson Silva doing whatever the fuck he did. All these are things we joke about on the site but here at my desk I spend more and more time with my head in my hands wondering what the fuck is going on. I feel like a junkie who needs his fix, but the regular stuff just isn’t doing it any more. The last few hits were cut with shit and now I’m sitting here feeling like garbage, wondering why the fuck I keep going back to the same dealer.