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Student vs teacher

The more details I find out about the whole Hermes Franca / Marcus Aurelio fight, the more interested I’m becoming:

“He took me from blue to brown belt. Then I went to ATT, and then left. But that’s how it goes. I didn’t pick my opponent, the UFC gave him to me, which means he accepted it,” Hermes told

Asked whether he finds it weird to fight his former teacher, Hermes said, rather surprisingly: “Look, he’s not really a friend. And you know what, I really do want to fight him, he talks too much.”

This is some serious Star Wars shit, with Hermes being the padawan learner who’s now confronting his master! Except did something like that actually happen in Star Wars at all? I kinda blocked out all those shitty prequels so I’m not sure. And if it did happen, do we really want to to compare this fight to those movies? There was a lot of hype and they just disappointed. Like worse and worse for each movie. Even for the third one when my expectations couldn’t get lower, the whole thing was just a gigantic Star Turd. And the new Clone Wars cartoon movie? Don’t even get me started.

Anyways, I suppose taking someone from blue to brown isn’t that big of a deal. You might as well try to make a big deal of fighting the dude that ran the wrestling program at your high school. But I’m still excited. The dude who took care of wrestling at my school was a perv, and deserves an ass whuppin.