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Over Thanksgiving, Five Ounces of Pain put up more of it’s interview with TJ Thompson back when ProElite first closed shop and fired everyone. One thing that didn’t make the cut originally: the love and respect shared between EliteXC and Strikeforce:

Sam Caplan: You had previously mentioned in the interview that [Strikeforce owner] Scott Coker would only work with you and it had gotten out into the media that there was a lot of tension between Coker and Gary Shaw. Neither party ever elaborated there and I wanted to see if you could comment on the rift between those two.

T. Jay Thompson: I’m sure Scott would be happy to answer you. The word “hate” would probably be too strong. “Dislikes” and “disrespects” Gary Shaw to the utmost — or “didn’t want to be in the same room as him or didn’t want to have anything to do with him” [would be more appropriate] because he felt disrespected by Gary a number of times.

The two promotions weren’t exactly thrilled to work together … the whole mess was basically a FUBAR solution to dealing with Frank Shamrock breaching his contract for Strikeforce with EliteXC. So considering how everyone was pretty much forced into working together, it’s not surprising that the groups didn’t exactly get along. There’s more in there, like how Coker told Shaw they only needed two or three employees for the co-promoted events, and Shaw showing up with fifteen people in tow. I am certainly looking forward to hearing the full story on this relationship a few years from now. People might still be biting their tongues to a certain degree, but soon enough it will all come out.