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Strikeforce is trying to lock down Fedor

I love watching Fedor fight. For those few magical minutes (one magical minute in this latest case) I’m able to forget about all the bullshit that follows him around for the rest of the year. But afterwards … right back to the bullshit. Here’s the Fink sharing M-1 Global’s views:

We are ready to fight against anyone, but everyone agrees that the most interesting fight right now is the rematch against Fabricio Werdum. We have one fight left on our contract, so if Strikeforce want to extend it – they should listen to our opinion. Fedor will fight again sometime between October and November. I’ll repeat that again: the only thing fans want to see is Fedor vs Werdum II.

And here’s Midsy sharing Strikeforce’s goal:

M-1 Global says it wants Fedor’s next fight to be a rematch with Fabricio Werdum, who beat Fedor on June 26. But Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker has said that his preferred option for Fedor’s next fight is a bout with Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem, and Strikeforce spokesman Mike Afromowitz told that a champion’s clause is going to be negotiated.

Although Coker has been derided by some of the MMA media for suggesting that Fedor should fight for the Strikeforce title after losing to Werdum, it actually could be a shrewd business move: If there’s a champion’s clause in effect, a Fedor-Overeem title fight would ensure either that Fedor stays with Strikeforce after becoming its champion, or that Fedor leaves Strikeforce on a two-fight losing streak. On the other hand, if Strikeforce books M-1 Global’s preferred option of Fedor-Werdum 2, Fedor could win the fight and then be free to leave the promotion.

LOL at the ‘shrewd business move’ … there is nothing shrewd about trying to twist the untwistable arm of Fedor’s management. They’ve dicked around way bigger fish than Strikeforce, who can’t even get guys like Babalu and Bobby Lashley to fight who they want. And now they’re trying to push Fedor into a fight where winning would mean losing out on another round of free agency due to a champ clause? That sounds like a real winning proposition, guys! Good luck with that.