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Strikeforce starts pushing 5 minute rounds for women

Finally, a long overdue step in the right direction for WMMA:

Last week it was confirmed by that Carano v. Cyborg received permission from the California State Athletic Commission to go five minute rounds. This marked a departure from past requirements by athletic commissions that the women only fight three minute rounds. At the time, however, Strikeforce said that the length of rounds in women’s fights would be determined on a fight by fight basis depending on the rulings of the governing athletic commission.

Now Strikeforce CEO Mike Afromowitz has confirmed to MMAJunkie that the Washington State Athletic Commission has followed California’s lead. The WSAC has given its blessing to five minute rounds in women’s fights for the Friday night bout between Shayna Baszler and Sarah Kaufman. The article went on to quote Afromowitz as saying “We can’t yet commit to every women’s fight using five-minute rounds because we’re working with the athletic commissions in the various states we visit, but we hope to get to that point eventually.”

It will be interesting to see if commissions like California are now going to allow all women to go 15 minutes or if they would veto the idea for matches involving amateur level fighters like Kim Couture and the Karate Hottie. I’d actually kinda dig that … it’s a good way to let people recognize the difference between the real female fighters and the green as shit ones promoters only book based on name value and sex appeal. Perhaps it would shame Strikeforce into not shoving them down our throats on the televised portions of their cards too.