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Strikeforce Signs Herschel Walker: Dick Butkus Apparently Unavailable

Hey, did you guys hear that the new season of The Ultimate Fighter has four former NFL players on it?  Yeah?  And the only/oldest one that had a full career is now 36, meaning the others are younger and thus have more time to learn the game?  Exciting, right?  But hey, leave it to Strikeforce to get in on the action – they’ve not only signed a former NFL player, but a former Heisman Trophy winner!  ‘But Subo’, you’re saying, ‘I thought Jason White was needed at the Wal-Mart on Saturdays!’  Well, you’re right – he’s still stocking shelves.  And I probably should have mentioned that the Heisman was won by Herschel Walker (yep) in 1982:

Strikeforce director of communications Mike Afromowitz said it’s too early to speculate when the 47-year-old will make his debut with the organization but it will probably be sometime in 2010.

“This isn’t a publicity stunt or a gimmick,” Afromowitz said. “Herschel Walker has tremendous athleticism, and he has always shown that off the gridiron. He’s accomplished a lot in his life and in the world of sports. His accomplishments speak for themselves, and we hope that his athleticism can transition into a successful MMA career.”

Here’s a quick piece of advice to all the Jackals out there – when someone goes out of their way to describe something as something other than a publicity stunt or a gimmick, it’s a publicity stunt or a gimmick.  Walker’s not completely alien to the game – he’s a black belt in taekwondo – but he was planning on honing his game on a reality show with… ahem… Jose Canseco.  And he’s 47!  He’s 0-0 and he’s 47!

This is just pathetic.  It doesn’t sound like Walker will be in the cage any time before next year, so it’s more a move to sustain/generate interest next year instead of adding a recognizable mainstream sports name to the November card.  Either way, it smacks of desperation and looks like a sad attempt to leech off of TUF’s incredible rankings thus far – and if you think Herschel fucking Walker was the first NFL veteran they approached, you’re nuts.