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Strikeforce sets its sights on a heavyweight tournament

I don’t know if we should put too much stock in this since we’ve had our tournament heart broken by Strikeforce twice before. There was the women’s tournament, which ended up consisting of four women fighting 6 minute fights. That’s barely enough time to have fun when there’s penis involved, let alone when you’re trying to determine the superior fighter.

Then there was the vaporware middleweight tournament which disappeared because … well, we’re not really sure why. But I blame some clueless fuckfaces at Showtime. Now Tatame (via Fabricio Werdum, I assume) shares details on a proposed heavyweight tournament to start in the first quarter of 2011:

The organisation purportedly wants its champion Alistair Overeem to take part, along with Fedor Emelianenko.

Other names in the mix, according to a Tatame report citing “reliable sources”, Fabricio Werdum, Josh Barnett, Antonio Silva, Brett Rogers, Andrei Arlovski and Sergei Kharitonov.

A fight between Fedor and Antonio Silva would reportedly go down in February 2011; Fedor’s management at M-1 Global recently said a rumoured January 29th date is definitely not happening.

Strikeforce is also reportedly hoping for a fight between Werdum and Kharitonov in March, with other prospective matches as yet-unscheduled.

The Grand Prix tournament will supposedly be divided into three stages and may even mark Strikeforce‘s debut on pay-per-view, according to Tatame.

A heavyweight tournament makes a lot of sense for Strikeforce right now as it clears out the fucko logjam at the top of the division caused by poor 2010 matchmaking and the reluctance of fighters to fight who the promoter wants them to.

But that’s also kind of the problem: if Strikeforce thinks they can just say they’re doing a tournament and their fighters will suddenly submit to being bracketed up however, they obviously haven’t spent enough time getting dicked around by Fedor’s people. The tournament sounds great, but our hearts have been broken before. What Strikeforce wants is very rarely what Strikeforce gets, and I’ll be pretty impressed if they manage to get the 8 heavyweights they’re talking about to commit.

  • mamoru says:

    They can’t even do a 2-man hw tournament with any of their top talent at this point, so I have a feeling going for 8 might just be stretching it.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    8 man gang bang would stretch it.. wait

  • Márcio says:

    The names being mentioned would make for a solid tournament. If it were up to me I would replace Kharitonov because he’s done. But appart from that all the other names are legit and the tournament would make for very interesting fights,