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Strikeforce released Roxy :-(

Roxy just confirmed over the weekend that she’s been given her walking papers by Strikeforce:

I’m pretty bummed out…there are still women I want to fight in that organization!  But I really had an amazing time.  I can’t discount these experiences…they were so valuable for me, and enriched my life.  I’ve made a lot of new fans, and met so many people….  it just confirms that being able to fight is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.  Thank you for that, Strikeforce.  You have a great organization.
Well,  a loss is a loss.  Losers don’t get anything.  They get the ax. Only winners earn the spotlight.  Now I have to BUST my @$$ and hope I’ll have the opportunity to avenge myself against Marloes and Sarah.  My life’s goal is to be the number one strongest female fighter in the world, so I gotta do the rubber match with Marloes, and then slam Sarah on HER face. (love you :D)  And take Marloes’ arm home with me to Japan in my suitcase. (love you, too!)  And there are other women in the world I want to fight!!

Kinda sucks to be released following a title shot but I’ve learned to stop imagining the women’s divisions as I’d like them to be and accept the reality of the ones Strikeforce has right now. They don’t have a lot of slots for women so they gotta keep turning shit over. Now we just have to cross our fingers and hope that Bellator ends up doing a 135 pound tournament in season 5 and / or some qualifier fights in season 4 (this coming season). Rox kinda rocks at tournaments, so that’d be pretty sweet.