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Strikeforce ratings are … something

Ratings for Strikeforce on CBS are in and they’re good!

Information provided by CBS to indicated the ratings for “Saturday Night Fights” were up significantly from regularly scheduled programming in the 9-11 p.m. time slot. Numbers were up consistently cross the demographic spectrum, with a 267 percent increase in men aged 18-34 gaining the biggest margin.

CBS’s broadcast of Srikeforce/M-1 Global “Fedor vs. Rogers” beat rivals ABC and NBC in coveted advertising demographics, taking first place in adults 18-49, adults 18-34, men 25-54, men 18-49, men 18-34 and tying for first in adults 25-54. The show beat out college football to be the top-rated program across the male demographics.

No wait, they’re bad!

Now that the numbers have come in and CBS took last place in its timeslot, it’s clear that they need Gina to do a big number on broadcast television.  Instead of gaining 1.5 million viewers on the undercard with Gina and building toward the main event, the show lost a ton of steam with the Jake Shields fight, which turned viewers off.  To break the 3.0 barrier they need Gina.

Actually, according to Fanhouse it all depends on which ‘side’ you’re on (proving once again that there’s no subject in the universe that Americans won’t try to make partisan):

CBS, Strikeforce and some MMA enthusiasts will no doubt spin those numbers as encouraging, while other networks, the UFC and those who dislike the idea of MMA on network television will no doubt spin those numbers as lousy.

But what about us poor people who just want to fucking know if the show did well or not?  Let’s look at the straight numbers which MMA Weekly oh so kindly provided without any of that pesky opinion crap:

The 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. portion of the Saturday broadcast was the third most watched show on network television.

Please remind me how many network television stations there are again?

The 10:00 to 10:30 segment, which featured the bulk of Shields vs. Miller, is at the moment the only fight to crack the Top 20 most watched fights in MMA’s history with U.S. television, coming in at 18th.

‘At the moment’ is in there because we still don’t know how the Fedor fight did ratings wise since whoever calculates ratings pulled a Tivo fuckup and didn’t track anything that happened after the show’s official 11pm ending – aka the entire Fedor fight.

Compared to ratings for CBS’ regular Saturday night programming, the event showed marked improvement in male and adult demographics, but shaved 2.33 million total viewers from an average audience of 6.12 million.

It’s hard to look at that one and not go ‘eeeeeeeeeeh’, but CBS Senior Executive Vice President of Long Department Names Kelly Kahl insists that they knew they’d lose a lot of the CBS’s standard old fogey demo, and that was okay since they’re desperately trying to tap into the lucrative ‘People who aren’t about to die and spend their money on things other than Polident and Werthers Originals’ audience segment.

So are you confused yet? Yeah, so am I. But here’s the important thing: it sounds like the show did well enough to justify another turn at bat on CBS, which is all I really care about.