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Strikeforce probably not doing anything October 10th

Just to let you know, we haven’t skipped out on informing you when the next big Strikeforce card is that features Fedor vs Brett Rogers. There just hasn’t been any information whatsoever on when it will be. One date that seemed firm but now seems pretty unlikely is October 10th, for reasons MMA Payout explains:

Beyond this, unless an announcement is made today, I can’t see Fedor/Rogers happening on October 10.  I guess it’s possible that a bunch of fighters have entered or are about to enter secret training camp, as the date is four weeks from Saturday, but that seems unlikely.

Moreover, maybe in his utter fear Scott Coker has forgotten about this, but he might want to consider how he’s going to fill the Prudential Center with people paying for seats.  Again, the fights will allegedly occur four weeks from Saturday.  There’s been no official announcement, one doesn’t seem forthcoming, so at best it seems that something could be said early next week, which leaves fewer than four weeks to sell tickets, not to mention market the show (Brett who?) to the New York Metro area.

It’s too bad, too. October 10th worked out nicely because it was also the date of WEC 43. Any other date risks the UFC bitchslapping Strikeforce with a devious counter-event, but I find it hard to imagine they’d do much past a PPV replay on the same night as the WEC.