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Strikeforce prelims are on HDNet, and they actually matter!

You could point to the improved quality of Strikeforce preliminary cards and say they’re proof Zuffa is taking the league seriously and are going to make a go of running the promotion properly. You could also make the argument that the company is just burning through it’s contractual obligations so they can fold things up and move back to the UFC mothership ASAP. For whatever reason, Strikeforce’s September 10th prelims are pretty damn good, and you’ll actually be able to watch them on HDNet. Check out the lineup:

    Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante vs. Yoel Romero
    Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos vs. Jordan Mein
    Amanda Nunes vs. Alexis Davis
    Mike Kyle vs. Marcos Rogerio de Lima

See how powerful Hendo’s overhand right is? He knocked the belt right off Feijao and sent him ass over tea kettle down to the prelims. This might seem like an easy fight for the Brazilian but keep in mind Yoel is an Olympic wrestler and Feijao sometimes has what is sometimes referred to in sexual parlance as ‘performance issues.’

The lesser Cyborg takes on Jordan Mein, aka the ‘Other Great Canadian Hope’ now that we have Rory McDonald in the UFC. Dare we dream a dream where we have FOUR top ten fighters? (Can’t forget Mark Hominick at featherweight!) Then there’s Amanda Nunes, who buzzsawed through Julia Budd. She’ll hopefully do the same to Alexis Davis, who needed lay’n’pray to defeat Julie Kedzie in her last Strikeforce match. The world is way too full of 135ers looking to shine for slots to be taken up by fighters like that.

Last and least, shitbag Mike Kyle faces Marcos Rogerio de Lima in what looks like it will be a rock’em sock’em slugfest slobberknocker shootout war stand and bang brawl insert more cheesy fight expressions here. Not too shabby for a promotion that used to let regional promoters fill up the prelims so locals had a reason to buy tickets!