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Strikeforce pay stuff

All you fuckers out there who shat on Hitomi Akano for ‘holding out for more money’ before agreeing to get the shit kicked out of her by Cyborg Santos, feast your eyes on the paysheet for Strikeforce – Shamrock vs Diaz:

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos: $18,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Hitomi Akano: $1,450

Note that the 20% Cyborg was docked for showing up 7 pounds overweight equals more money than Hitomi Akano was getting paid in the first place. It’s too bad California takes half that for themselves – it’s not like they deserved it. They were supposed to ensure a safe, fair and legitimate fight went down, and they certainly failed on that front.  Also note that Akano was the third lowest paid fighter on the entire card, with only the opening prelim fighters making less.

Now you can raise as many straw men as you’d like regarding Akano’s relative worth in the fight scene. My point is that Akano didn’t take this fight for the money. She took it because … well, I don’t really know. Why anyone would agree to fight for less than you’d make running the deep fryer at McDonalds for a month is beyond me. I know everyone only saw Akano as filler to keep Cyborg occupied until Gina Carano is ready to fight, but it still bugs me to see her making such a pittance. If she managed to squeeze more money out of Strikeforce, then good for her.

On a side note, you’ll see that Frank Shamrock was the only dude on the card making megabucks, with his paycheck coming out to a cool $370,000. Now you can start to understand why Scott Coker seems so despondent about Frank’s future … it most likely involves Coker trying to figure out fights that justify his high salary.

Past that Strikeforce kept the books nice and tidy, with the total payroll equaling 635k, which is already covered by their 750k gate. I don’t know what kind of ratings the event needed in order to be considered a success, but between the entertaining event and clear profit made off this show, I think you can label this an excellent start for Strikeforce.