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Strikeforce odds are up

For those of you who are interested, BetUS has tonight’s Strikeforce odds up in their sportsbook. I got completely raped at UFC 91 playing edges on underdogs, so tonight I’m gonna try what our pal Damon D suggested and place small bets across the favorites and see how I do.

Here’s the odds:

  • Babalu Sobral (-400) vs Bobby Southworth (+300)
  • Darren Uyenoyama (-350) vs Brad Royster (+250)
  • Scott Smith (-150) vs Terry Martin (+120)
  • Yves Edwards (-155) vs Duane Ludwig (+125)
  • Joe Riggs (-185) vs Luke Stewart (+145)

Okay, so I refuse to bet on Riggs since he’s looking more washed up than a dead hooker off the coast of Miami. And Yves Edwards over Duane Ludwig? Gah. It’s tempting to play on Ludwig … I think I have an underdog addiction, I really do.

Anyways, with 10 bucks per fight at UFC 91I pegged Couture, Stevenson, Hazelett, Quarry, Riley, Bocek, and Thomas. Even going a horrific 3-4 I only lost $15 on the night. Tonight I’m putting 10 per fight on Babalu, Uyenoyama, Smith, Edwards, and Stewart. It was tempting to put money down on Terry Martin and Duane Ludwig instead, but we’ll see what happens.

As usual, if you’re going to bet then we recommend signing up with BetUS since they’re largely responsible for keeping the electric and internet bill paid here at Fightlinker. Past that, we’re buds with them and thus far they haven’t treated a Jackal poorly. Just make sure you mention us before frittering away your life savings.