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Strikeforce nixes Josh Barnett’s pro wrasslin

Zuffa continues to shorten the leash on Strikeforce fighters:

Josh Barnett has been forced to cancel his August 27th pro-wrestling appearance in Japan.

As Fighters Only first reported earlier this month, Barnett had agreed to face K-1 heavyweight Jerome Le Banner in a special ‘fight celebrity’ match for Japanese pro-wrestling outfit IGF.

The terms of Barnett’s contract with Strikeforce apparently allow him to take such matches and if Strikeforce had remained an independent company, it would probably have gone ahead.

But Strikeforce is now owned by Zuffa and it seems Barnett has been prevailed upon not to take the gig which, despite being a pre-determined pro-wrestling match rather than a proper fight, could still potentially have resulted in him picking up an injury.

I dunno, have you ever actually watched one of Josh’s puroresu matches from Japan? Maybe there’s some risk of titty whiplash while bouncing off the ropes or facial cramps from excessive hamming. But I suppose when you consider the Heavyweight Grand Prix’s already gimpy situation, Zuffa doesn’t want to risk anything. If it were possible, they’d probably seal fighters up in pods full of rejuvenating fetal secretions complete with a mouth hose for feedings and Ariel Helwani interviews.

  • CAP says:

    Yeeeeaaaah. That’s no longer allowed either.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Even chain wrestling on the ground can go wrong if someone rolls over onto a joint.  Little injuries happen all the time in puro that could give him an excuse for losing or juicing.

    Smart move on Forza’s part.

  • UberShmact says:

    Le Banner vs Barnett in pro wrestling rules, I’m sure Japan is gutted on missing out on that action. That promo is awful and not just because it’s totally reused stuff, but because his “hard times” are rubbish, it just make him sound like a bitch.

  • glassjawsh says:

    if this leads to barnett v bigfoot im all for it. it’s one of only 5 or 6 moderately compelling fights (melendez v masvidal??? daley v cyborg??? other cyborg vs her period??? henderson vs mousasi??? barnett v werdum???) strikeforce has left

  • G Funk says:

    DJ, having someone roll over on your joint sucks. It gets all flat and stuff and then it’s impossible to light. That chit really pisses me off maan.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Roll it softly between your fingers, so you change the flat angle several times – that oughtta break it up.  If not, just re-roll it – what’re you, an amateur who’s afraid of rolling?