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Strikeforce newsblast

Fun in Strikeforce land! Here’s a bunch of vague news coming out of the promotion … first, on the future with CBS:

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker told ( that CBS officials have yet to contact him regarding the possibility of broadcasting a third fight card on the network.

Nevertheless, Coker said there’s no need for panic just yet, and he remains “hopeful” Strikeforce will return to CBS airwaves later this year.

“It’s something that we haven’t had a conversation with them yet, but probably after this St. Louis fight we’ll sit down with them and have that conversation,” Coker said.

From the land of Karo Parisyan fighting for Strikeforce:

“We had a cup of coffee,” Coker said. “It didn’t work out. “He’s a great kid. We wish him luck.”

Sounds more like a failed speed date than contract talks. Maybe it all ended prematurely when Karo tried to sell Coker some vicodins. And finally on the Sarah Kaufman being unsigned front:

However, according to Afromowitz, Kaufman’s contract was extended as as result of the Hashi win. Also, Strikeforce plans to have the 24-year-old Canadian fight three more times within the next year. When asked for comment Thursday, Kaufman provided a “no comment,” but fully expects to be fighting under the Strikeforce banner.

It sounds like Strikeforce decided to exercise the champ clause in Kaufman’s contract without mentioning it to her. That’s a lot easier than having to renegotiate money and oh, I don’t know, telling her what they’re doing.