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Strikeforce: Miami in pictures

Another decent Strikeforce show in the book, and more importantly another event where no fighters were cooked to a crisp by giant fireballs. You wanna relive the event in picture form? Then come along as I cherrypick some of the best pictures of the event from across the web from All Elbows, the Showtime Flickr stream, Fight Magazine, and Sherdog.

The fight you didn’t get to see sure looks pretty epic according to the pictures, but play by plays assure me the first round was a whole lotta nothing and the other two were all Jay Hieron doing the humpty hump on Joe.

Shut uppa yo face!

Wes Sims lets it all hang out for his fight against Bobby Lashley. The look works better on Fedor…

Sometimes it’s nice to remember that people outside of jaded MMA news and forum junkies know who guys like Brett Rogers and Cung Le are.

Back to the freakshows. If only Herschel had used half the energy from flexing his entire body to fight his opponent. That fight was like watching a school bully pin down and slap around the retarded 33 year old who’s still in grade 8.

Did I mention that GSP and Gegard Mousasi are training together?

Who needs an energy drink when you can just have your mean looking coach scream at you for a minute or two and slap you around?

Unfortunately he didn’t scream anything about keeping your hands up at all times.

This ref has obviously been working on his takedown skills.

And now backstage with Ariel on the mic, Casey on the video, and Esther behind the camera rocking the pictures. Wish I was there!

Marloes wasn’t completely outmatched – she stood and traded with Cyborg and got some good shots in herself.

And Zaromskis isn’t the only one who’s able to land a kick apparently!

This right here is the point where I think Zaromskis realizes he’s in some serious poop.