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Strikeforce Los Angeles preview

Fights worth being excited about: Robbie Lawler vs Babalu Sobral because it’s a striker vs grappler matchup that will actually result in someone getting KO’d or subbed, as opposed to most which result in the striker treating his opponent / the ground like they’re covered in AIDS. Marius Zaromskis vs Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos because two bangers with no ground game go together like chocolate cake and more chocolate cake. Plus it’s nice to see Mr. Cyborg Santos get comforted by his wife after losing.

Softball of the evening: KJ Noons vs Conor Heun. Conor has been slotted against KJ in the hopes that he’ll turn out another retarded sluggo fight like his decision loss to Jorge Gurgel last year. If he does that, he’s gonna get beaten up. But Huen is actually more of a ground guy, and that’s a side of Noons we haven’t seen much of.

Sleeper fight of the night: Tim Kennedy vs Trevor Prangley – Kennedy is used to fighting in Afghanistan so he’s not about to let Prangley stop him from fighting his standard scrappy fight. I’m about as interested in Trevor Prangley as I am in seeing Sex and the City 2, but his last fight was solid and if that guy shows up to fight Kennedy, we’ve got a war on our hands.

The fights you’re not seeing tonight: Robbie Lawler vs Mayhem Miller because of the Nashville brawl. Bobby Lashley vs Ron Sparks because Lashley’s knee is still messed up … Lashley has now successfully dodged Sparks because Sparks just left for Bellator. KJ Noons vs Krazy Horse Bennett because I bet Scott Coker didn’t ask his parents first if Krazy Horse could come and play.

-Robbie Lawler has been spending time down in Arizona training with wrestlers Aaron Simpson, CB Dollaway, and Ryan Bader. And he didn’t even get asked to show his papers! That’s good.
-He also took three attempts to make weight at the weigh-ins, which is especially strange since this fight is at a 195 pound catchweight. That’s bad.
-KJ Noons is coming off a meh decision win at DREAM 13 over Andre Amade. He blames that on the fact that he had a broken foot at the time, which seems like a reasonable excuse.
-There’s an unconfirmed story going around that Andre Galvao almost had to replace either Zaromskis or Cyborg a few days before their fight, so take that into consideration.
-Also worth considering: this is Cyborg’s first fight at 170 pounds, and he had a history of gassing even before cutting sick amounts of weight.
-Tim Kennedy is now training MMA full time due to the generosity of the Texas National Guard. We’ll see if the army is as nice when they inevitably clawback him into active duty again. No draft, my ass.

Odds via BetUS:

  • Robbie Lawler -155 vs Renato Sobral +115
  • Marius Zaromskis -300 vs Evangelista Santos +200
  • KJ Noons -500 vs Conor Heun +300
  • Tim Kennedy -150 vs Trevor Prangley +110

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