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Strikeforce is tonight!

Strikeforce’s latest event is on tonight and there’s actually a decent number of reasons to check out the card. Smith vs Martin should be a crowd-pleasing banger and Yves Edwards vs Duane Ludwig is another bout that could turn into a war. That’s all below Babalu Sobral vs Bobby Southworth in what could potentially be the first interesting fight involving Bobby Southworth.

But that’s not why I’m tuning in. I’m tuning in to see Kim Couture lose. And no, I’m not sadistic and it’s not because she’s a woman. It’s because she hasn’t earned her place fighting on a big card and I expect karma to bitchslap her for it. Here’s Frank Pozen over at GFIGHT mirroring my thoughts on the situation:

She says at the end of the interview that she plans to concentrate more on running the promotion in 2009 and less on fighting. She says she only fights for fun. Of course we all know why Kim Couture gets an inordinate amount of attention for someone who fights for fun. There are plenty of accomplished women fighters who would kill for an opportunity to fight in Strikeforce on HDNet. But I will give Kim one piece of advice. Keep your guard up when you’re touching gloves.

Pozen is referring to what happened the last time Kim fought where she rushed out with fists cocked and ate a brutal punch to the face that cracked her jaw in half. She was scrappy enough to keep fighting for the rest of the match, though … props to her on that.