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Strikeforce is interested in Ronda Rousey

We’ve talked about Ronda Rousey several times already and I think it’s safe to say we think she’s the cat’s pyjamas. She’s an Olympic medalist, judo expert, and flatulance master. She trains with Gokor Chivichyan, ” target=”_blank”>grapples with Mousasi, and next weekend will be fighting in Alberta Canada against Charmaine Tweet. Normally we’d be excited about this but there’s an unfortunate negative side to the fight. From Ronda’s manager:

Yesterday I received a call from Sean Shelby the match maker for the UFC and Strikefore( the two most Relevant organizations in MMA) Offering Ronda Rousey a four fight contract. Her fist fight would take place on June 18th. Unfortunately she is contracted to fight Charmaine Tweet on the 17th of June in Canada. Unfortunately Cord Crowthers Charmaine’s manager would not let Ronda off the Hook

Crowthers’ attitude was that they’d been looking for a fight for Tweet forever and weren’t willing to give it up, especially now that Strikeforce will be paying attention to the results:

“Charmaine has been trying to locate an amateur fight for over a year, and was turned down flat by all top 25-ranked fighters and their camps in North America,” Crowthers says. “We were told that they would not fight her based on her impressive kickboxing background. So we made the decision to go straight to pro. This proved just as tough, as she was turned down again by many camps.

“When Ronda took the fight nearly three months ago, we were very excited, but also realized that a fight with a top 10-ranked fighter as a debut fight had a lot of pros and cons. If Charmaine wins, she is instantly in the mix for bigger things such as being noticed by Strikeforce, as we knew Ronda already was. If she loses, she will be stuck in a fighter’s limbo going forward.”

The plan was to have Ronda replace Gina Carano against Sarah D’Alelio. Shitty that isn’t happening, but having Sean Shelby sniffing around (Ronda fart pun alert) can only be a positive thing. Plus now Ronda has extra incentive to judo smash Charmaine Tweet through the canvas and take her arm off.

After the jump, Ronda beating Taylor Stratford (who’s another woman you might want to keep an eye out for).

  • CAP says:

    Nice. I’m interested.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    As awesome as I think Ronda is and as big a crush as I have on her – I can’t help but notice her opponent didn’t actually tap out to that armbar.  WTF?

    Hope she ends up in SF ASAP, though

  • CAP says:

    I noticed that too but I think she was stuck and would have to tap eventually. But the ref should have given her the chance.

  • scissors61 says:

    Ronda Rousey is a fuckin’ badass. She’ll get to Strikeforce before next year, methinks.