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Strikeforce hasn’t signed Batista … yet

Yesterday, former WWE wrestler Batista set nerdgroins on fire when he told gossip site TMZ that he would be fighting for Strikeforce. But not so fast! Strikeforce says it ain’t so:

Afromowitz declined to comment on anything beyond the denial of a signed deal. But additional sources told officials have had informal talks with Batista and may eventually offer a contract.

They stressed, though, that no such deal is imminent.

It seems Strikeforce can’t go a month without rumors that one freak or another is going to be joining their roster. Jose Canseco looked like a poison pill from the start, but Kimbo (or more specifically, Kimbo’s ratings) must have been a little hard to shut the door on completely. Will they be able to resist bringing in Batista, who may not have the wrestling background of Bobby Lashley but does come with about a million times more fans and popularity?