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Strikeforce has a great fight if it wants one

I dunno what’s up with Strikeforce trying to turn it’s fighters around so quickly, but they’re trying to do it again. As Scott Coker announced Sarah Kaufman as a replacement for Kim Couture, he also said the winner of the May 15th Kaufman / Tate fight would now be facing Shayna Baszler on June 19th. Now I can understand that Strikeforce doesn’t want to sign more girls than necessary for it’s Gina / Cyborg feeder division, but is it really too much to ask that they book a *few* more female fighters?

I can make things very easy for Strikeforce. There’s a more than fitting opponent waiting and ready to fight Baszler already: ” target=”_blank”>Roxanne Modafferi. Ya know, the top ranked female fighter? Here’s Roxy calling Shayna out yesterday:

But I think that Kaufman and Tate should be able to relax and take it easy for a while after putting on the exciting fight May 15th. I will gladly face Shayna for them. It’s really no problem at all.

In fact, Shayna chicken winged me in BODOG a few years ago.

I want revenge.

I believe I can win. I don’t want an easy fight…I want a war. Will you go to war with me in the cage, Shayna?

There’s very few female MMA fighters who will turn down a war of any description. They just unfortunately have very few places to war in. I don’t know why Strikeforce is trying to shotgun a second fight in just over a month for one person … is it an attempt to build a back-up fighter for Cris Cyborg if Gina doesn’t sign? Whatever the reason, it’s kinda lame when you’ve got 99.999% of female fighters out there unable to get even a single fight a year. I’d rather see another top talent fight in June than a banged up Sarah Kaufman, personally.