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Strikeforce gets the attendance

Honestly, last night’s show looked more like an EliteXC event than a Strikeforce one. But one of the biggest issues EliteXC faced was the fact that they couldn’t even GIVE their tickets away. As far as I can remember, they never cracked the 10,000 person mark and most of their events struggled to even hit 5000. For Strikeforce … not so much of a big deal:

Headlined by Northern California fighters Nick Diaz and Frank Shamrock, Strikeforce drew 15,211 spectators to the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif.

While official numbers from the California State Athletic Commission have not yet been certified, Strikeforce executives told ( that the collected gate was approximately $750,000.

Now there’s a crazy fucking chance that the money made on the gate is *gasp* actually going to cover the cost of the fighter salaries!!! Crazy, I know. It’s like someone opened a Business Administration textbook and looked up how to run a company properly or something.