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Strikeforce down with Alvarez / Melendez, Huerta not so much

While Strikeforce has had a pretty hard time ‘co-promoting’ with the vaporous M-1 Global, they’ve been generally successful working with DREAM. This is still a big shock to me since I spent a good part of my youthful MMA salad days watching Japan repeatedly pull the fighter sharing football out from under the UFC for no other reason than ” target=”_blank”>FUCKA YOU UFC!

In lieu of Scott Coker’s success at making inter-promotional fights actually happen, the news that Strikeforce is down with a Gilbert Melendez vs Bellator lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez fight is very welcome. But what I found most interesting was the fact that Bellator also offered up Roger Huerta but Strikeforce passed due to the cost.

“We had a conversation about Roger Huerta (currently under contract with Bellator) fighting for us, but the terms and conditions weren’t something that was attractive to us, so we passed. But we’ve had some good conversations with Bellator and the door’s open for anybody.”

You may remember that Huerta’s contract came with a $250,000 signing bonus and a bunch of other pain in the ass provisions. Roger’s been talking about how he hopes to get a few more fights in with different orgs since he sleepwalked his way out of the Bellator lightweight tournament last week, but so long as his current stupid money demands remain (alongside Bellator no doubt trying to recoup some of his crazy upfront costs), I doubt we’ll be seeing him anywhere anytime soon, no matter how much goodwill exists between promotions.