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Strikeforce Destruction pay is out

The pay numbers are out for Strikeforce’s Destruction and as is semi-usual around here, I’m gonna twist and turn them to imply all sorts of outrageous things. Here’s some fun facts:

-Kim Couture made 10k for her first win. In contrast, Cris Cyborg (the King of Women’s MMA) made 8k per fight in EliteXC. Kim’s ‘opponent’ made 1500 bucks, which probably buys a lot of cigarettes.

-Scott Smith made 20k/20k, which is 14k more than EliteXC used to pay him to fight way harder opponents.

-As for Babalu Sobral, he’s making the exact same amount in Strikeforce that he made in the UFC: 25k/25k. Mind you, the sponsorship money ain’t gonna be as good in Strikeforce, but still.

-Strikeforce made 321k off the gate and their lineup cost them 319k. I have not even the slightest iota of a clue how much they make via other methods of revenue like their HDNet deal or through event sponsors, but I think it’s safe to conclude that Strikeforce didn’t exactly rake in the dough off last weekend’s event.

  • Cipta says:

    I’m no fanboy of Brock in paciurtlar, but to say he has a glass chin is just fuckin stupid. Carwin had never been out of the first round before he met Brock. The dude hits a ton and no one else could actually take those shots and still survive. Brock gassed Carwin by actually absorbing that donkey kong action (with his head), then actually came out fresh and subbed him. Glass CHIN my ars. In other news counting out Overeem would also be stupid. He’s a frickin beast from hell. He needs to watch for Brocks wrestling though. And Brock (not having a glass chin) needs to recognize that he CAN take a dirty shot and still fight back; gassing opponents by taking a beating isn’t a good strategy.