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Strikeforce coverage

We’re gonna be at the TKO show in Montreal so we won’t be around tonight to cover the Strikeforce show. What we will do is open up the Chat room at 9:30PM EST (and I promise I’ll put the right link in there this time).

Strikeforce’s Payback show is on HDNet and if you’re sneaky you should also be able to find streams online to watch it. But HDNet’s got a good night of fights lined up – at 8PM they’re showing M-1 Challenge’s “South Korea vs Finland” event. Not a flame on this earth burns brighter than the hatred between these two countries, so don’t miss that!

If you wanna do some gambling on Strikeforce, BetUS has odds on Duane Ludwig (-400) vs Sammy Morgan (+300) fight. I don’t see much of an edge, but maybe you saw something in Sammy’s last two losses that no one else did. Also there: Falaniko Vitale (+190) vs Frank Trigg (-240). You never know which Trigg you’re going to get, so maybe you should tune in just for a chance to see him get his ass kicked.

Other than that you’ve got the ‘Karate Hottie’ fighting that chick who didn’t make weight, Pete Spratt vs IFL vet Donnie Liles, and UFC washout Luke Caudillo vs Billy Evangelista. It’s nothing to spectacular on paper, but MMA is MMA and that’s better than anything else on Friday night television.