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Strikeforce Challengers: Thomas Digane vs. Warren Merrit

John Schorle is the ref; Jordan Breen groans at home.

Round 1:
Digane lands a hard leg kick and then a headkick that does no damage. Throws another. Merrit wades in but gets the fence. I can’t help but “ooooh” when Digane gets a slam takedown – so much for professionalism. He advances to half guard and there’s not much action. Thomas is trying but nothing’s happening. Man, the last ref stood them up for taking a deep breath. Warren goes for a leglock. He gets the tap with a heel hook (there’s a giant head in my way so I couldn’t see. Digane is in the corner looking really upset. Maybe he needs to do The Happy Dance – WITH SINGING.

Warren Merrit def. Thomas Digane via submission (heel hook) in round one.