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Strikeforce Challengers: Luke Rockhold vs. Jesse Taylor

PEE PANTS! He’s the only fighter I can say I’ve seen live twice consecutively (he lost on the prelims of Carano/Cyborg). Should’ve come out to “Kite 2 da Boyz” instead of this free house music they can play on Showtime. He looks a lot bigger than he did at 170 two months ago. Let’s see if Hieron only beat him because of better stamina. Even then, I still am looking at a guy who tapped out Yoon Dong Sik. Bobby Southworth in Rockhold’s corner. Where’s Chuck to lock him in a sauna?

Round 1:
Luke pancakes Taylor’s shot and catches a front headlock. JT ain’t givin’ up man. Luke gets taken down but gets right back up. Trip by Monies and he’s in Luke’s guard. Taylor scrambles and gets Luke’s back. Luke stitches and gets Talylor’s back. Going for the RNC but can’t get it. He taps Taylor with a neck crank it looks like. JT looks messed up.

Luke Rockhold defeats Jesse Taylor by submission (rear naked choke) in round one.