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Strikeforce Challengers: Luke Riddering vs. Rico Altamirano

Round 1:
Both guys feeling distance before a takedown and some ground and pound. Arm triangle attempt from the bottom fails even thought it looks pretty tight. Big strike against the cage and there’s an arm in guillotine attempt, into a 100% into a takedown. Strong upkicks by Luke before a standup. More upkocks. Trip takedown sweep into full mount ends the round.

Round 2:
More feeling the distance. Combonation against teh fence lands hard for Like. Both clinch into a flurry and then separate. They both look green. Knees in the clinch fir Rico goes into a takedown. Crazy triangle attemps before an illegal upkick. Ref lstands them back up. Interesting. Luke in guard with not much happening. Upkick backs Rico up and Like stands. BIG flying knee by Rico and he gets a takedown into full guard. Luke locks in a triangle at the end of the round.

Round 3:
A lot less pop in everything from both guys. Scramble against teh fence and Rico in full guard. Standup after nothing going on. they looks like they’re tired a bit. Quick sequence of swimming in the clinch and they each separate. Like loos to be the aggressor, and slips on a high kick for it. Luke didn’t move in. Rico lands a headkick that doesn’t even bugde Luke but doesn’t captialize. Luke pulls spider guard but loses it. Heavy ground and pound and then Rico stands up. Luke has his hands on his hips. Rico landing headkicks and legkicks at will. Done.

30-27 accross the cards for Rico Altamirano.

  • Luke Riddering says:

    Luke Riddering (me) never fought Rico. Replaced by someone else. Replace all the “lukes” with “