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Strikeforce Challengers: Elisha Hellspur vs. Zoila Frausto

I refuse to drink Rockstar because I don’t support Michael Wiener. Video package of Zolia gets a massive pop. Her voice sounds like Johanna from The Real World: Austin. Loudest the crowd has been all night.

Round 1:
Zolia misses a superwoman punch and headkick. Elisha lands some legkicks; Zoila with one of her own. Maybe it’s my perspective but these women look bigger than me. Misses another superwoman punch. They’re both missinh high kicks. Elish getting upset with the partisan crowd when they cheered a missed headkick. She lands a punch to Zoila that backs her up. Zoila throws some crazy karate kicks that kinda land. Nothing much now. Zoila throws and lands a punch. Zoila wades in and gets hit with a straight right. Superwoman pinch finally (spellcheck hit that as “vaginally”) lands and they’re throwing bombs. Round over. Now HERE are the ring girls. And by ring girls I mean strippers.

Round 2:
Zoila wades in and then Elisha does. Clinch against the cage earns Elisha some good uppercuts. Now they’re afraid of each other or something. Elisha finally breaks the tension witha good outside leg kick. clinch with some kness by Zoila and they separate. Elish hits a teep that sends Ziola across the cage. These girls are hitting each other really hard. Zoila lands some ground and pound after a reversed trip attempt. Oh not, there’s blood. that’s why Roxy and Marloes won’t be on the main card tomorrow. Zoila landing knees in the clinch. I am afraid of these girls. Big bombs in the center of the cage. Elisha lands a sick combo when Zoila grabbed her leg and the bell sounds. Not attracted to these ring girls at all.

Round 3:
Elisha doing the pistons to Zoila’s body against the cage. Pummeling for their lives, and Elisha gets half guard after a teakdeown. Crows boos and ref stands them up for it. Ridiculous. Zoila lands a hard jab and she realizes it’s working. Elisha does too so she rushes in for the clinch. Against the cage trying not to get taken down. Ref breaks them up. Is the crowd the actual ref or something. Zoila is throwing everything. She lands a left-right-high kick. Elisha starts unloading every time zoila catches her leg. Zoila with a takedown and some brutal ground a pound. Elisha is helpless off her back. Zoila is able to load up like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Crazy fight.

All three judges give it to Zoila for the decision over Elisha.