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Strikeforce Challengers: Cole Escovedo vs. Maurice Eazel

Escovedo gets a pretty big response considering the amount of people actually here. I’m empathetic to the guy, but he comes out to Nickelback. I’m gonna chalk that one up to Savemart Center licensing. Evan Showman is here – *cough*projector*cough*

Round 1:
Cole his a headkick that’s deflected. On his back for asec but they stand back up. Eazel tring to fake him out with level changes. Not really working. Cole goes for a flying triangle and lands flat on his back. Mick Foley would be proud of that bump. Leg kicks by Cole one spins Maurice around and a headkick ends it. Maurice can’t even stand up. Very nice performance. Escovedo appeared to have no ring rust. He’s checking on on Maurice. Production inappropriately plays “Mamma Said Knock You Out”.

Result: Cole Escovedo by KO (Head kick and punches) in 3:47 of round one.