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Strikeforce Challengers: Casey Olson vs. Chris Culley

Alright, maybe that wasn’t Evan Showman that walked by earlier. There’s a Jay-Z concert here tomorrow night, so I think that’s why the arena is configured the way it is. Chris Culley is coming out to “Down With the Sickness”, which is greeted with appropriate apathy. Annnnnd Casey Olsen gets a big pop even though he’s coming out to “I Stand Alone” by Godsmack. Antonio Banuelos and John Hackleman are in his corner.

Round 1:
Superman punch by Casey misses. He’s backing Culley up but that’s it. Clinch against the cage with some durrry boxing and knees by Casey. He isn’t able to finish the takedown, but then picks him up and slams him like Hughes/Trigg II. He goes for the choke but finishes with stirkes form backmount. They play “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”. Wow.

Result: Casey Olsen def. Chris Culley by submission (strikes) in 2:36 of round one. They call it “Knockout” for some reason.