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Strikeforce Challengers: Ben Holscher vs. Johnny Goh

I just noticed I’m in the first row of the press section – thanks again, Strikeforce. Holscher gets a loud pop while coming out to “Eye of the Tiger”.

Round 1:
Both guys pull a Randleman and rush to the center of the cage. Goh looks to be throwing some good hooks that cause Ben to shoot in. Clinching against the cage. Separate. Really telegraphed shot by Ben. Goh with a big strike and Ben gets the takedown. In guard with not much going on. Goh has a body triangle from the bottom. Ben postures up and starts throwing, but Goh ties him up. Round over. Josh Thomson is in Ben’s corner. In between rounds is spellcheck time.

Round 2:
Ben his a bodykick after some circling. Goh missing leg kicks. Ben gets a takedown and Goh ties him up. He’s starting to get some offense through but not much. Ref stands them up. They trade and Ben gets another takedown. He passes to the crucifix and hammers away. loses it but stays in side control. Goh gets sidecontrol back but Ben locks in an anaconda that he loses. Round over, thankfully.

Round 3:
Ben with ANOTHER takedown. Goh throws up an armbar but loses it. Ben still on top. Not much action. I should’ve brought Game Boy. Metroid II I’d have been playing. Goh hits a sick upkick and he takes Ben’s back. Ben scrambed and but Goh panckaes and elbows the head. Ben gets side control and crowd goes nutz. They scramble and Ben gets a short slam to end the round.

30-27 for Ben Holsher over Johnny Goh.