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Strikeforce on CBS and Machida / Shogun 2

Royboy3 asks:

Do you think CBS will take Strikeforce seriously at all this year and if not, what’s it going to take to get that way?

CBS will take Strikeforce as seriously as it’s ratings warrant – as of now they’re still on the fence because while the events are bringing in desperately needed young viewers to the network (CBS has turned into a total fuddy duddy network), overall numbers are still nothing to write home about. They could easily just stick some CSI reruns into the Saturday Night Fights slot and do just as well.

If they want things to change, Strikeforce will have to put on a show that stirs some hype outside our little scene that also pulls in some good numbers. You’ll know this has happened at least to a small degree when people are asking “When will the next Strikeforce on CBS card be?” in an excited way, not in an “Uh-oh is there going to be another one?” way.

Gerrymanderer asks:

Who wins shogun-lyoto 2?

I hate doing fight predictions because who knows what’s gonna happen – no matter what logic dictates, one guy could be having a terrible night and that changes the entire dynamic of a fight. I think that’s what happened with Machida in his last fight against Shogun – he was a new champion, having to deal with all sorts of distractions like constant interruptions at the gym and his crazy fucking dad piling god only knows what kind of pressure on him to be more aggressive and get finishes etc.

I’m giving the edge to Machida because I can’t see Shogun doing much better than he did last time but I can definitely see Machida turning in a much better performance. And by much better I don’t mean more entertaining, just tighter and more like the Machida we know and love/hate. Still, it’s not like the situation is so different from his last fight – this rematch is a ton of pressure and his dad is … well, take a look at what he’s pushing now.