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Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg press confrence notes

I’m here at the press conference. (Note to self: Learn to spell “conference”.) There is inebriation in the room. DREAM VP Sasahara is here. Alliance will mean fighters go back and forth between promotions. Ishida an Mousasi are the two fighters DREAM sent, apparently. Coker wants Aoki vs. Thomson or Melendez and Manhoef vs. Lawler. Mayhem or Jacare vs. Shields wanted also. Werdum almost sat in front of me – damn you, Cofield!

Coker keeps calling Mousasi, “Mousashi”.On Mousasi: “He’s from DREAM…M-1, sorry.” Loretta Hunt asked if Mousasi was nervous. Says he came in really light. Doesn’t know his opponent in October, but “probably Sodokoujou”. Api Ecktel is across the room. Werdum wants Fedor, but any Heavyweight is good. “I like the Fedor.” Werdum actually spars with Cyborg. Diaz will be figured out by the end of the year, Hieron will get the title shot before Riggs.

Official name for Women’s belt is “Lightweight” but they announced it as “Middleweight”. I want to ask “How does it feel to get a belt before your husband?”, but I’m too young to die. Miesha Tate asked about Cyborg fighting Toughill. I laughed. Cyborg actually drank the Rockstar. Cyborg called it “The Octagon” and Coker looked pissed. I swear to Jeebus, everyone cheered at the mention of God. *face palm*. Cyborgs are giving each other “The Look”. Imagine that, eh. I said IMAGINE IT!

Showtime approved tournaments for 135 and 145 pound women’s weight classes. Meisha Tate is obviously tryng to come up with a game plan by asking where Cyborg felt threatened in the fight. She didn’t write anything down when she asked her first question, so something is up. Marlos Conen is in the back and Cyborg is dogging her.