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Strikeforce bookings

Strikeforce has a full schedule coming up – a Challengers event this weekend with Matt Lindland and then two big June shows. Here’s the main fights for the bigger, Fedor-oriented event on June 26th.

Fedor Emelianenko vs Fabricio Werdum
The fight that has to happen even though no one really gives half a shit about it. It’s too bad that Strikeforce hasn’t spent five seconds to counter the general opinion that Werdum is a bore and a waste of time … this is the first time Fedor has faced off against a dangerous ground opponent since his third fight with Big Nog back in 2004.

Cris Cyborg vs Jan Finney
With obvious choice Erin Toughill refusing to fight, Strikeforce is stuck turning to Jan Finney – a journeywoman fighter who’s been around for a while but ain’t going anywhere fast. Finney’s also a 135 pound fighter which means you can expect Cyborg (who cuts down from above 160 pounds) to have her standard monstrous size and strength advantage. You might as well consider this fight a placeholder so Cyborg vs Toughill has a chance to happen on a bigger platform like CBS or PPV. If Toughill actually ever fights for Strikeforce, that is.

KJ Noons vs Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennet
Noons gets a chance to avenge a loss from a few years ago when Bennet clipped him with a haymaker and knocked him out. Some say this is another example of Strikeforce being the king of organizing rematches no one gives a shit about, but while I agree a Feijao / Kyle fight sounds about as interesting as a night of Home and Garden TV, I’m still down with Noons vs Krazy Horse 2. Mainly because I love Krazy Horse (he’s a guilty pleasure) and am excited to see him on a telvised card again – that’s if he makes it to this fight without getting arrested again for attacking his training partners with a metal pipe or something equally Krazy Horse.

Also on there: Cung Le vs Scott Smith 2 (where we potentially get to see Cung lose again despite obviously being the better fighter), and Josh Thomson vs Lyle Beerbohm (unless Beerbohm is injured, in which case the guy who did the injuring, Shaolin Ribiero, gets the fight). And let’s not forget that we’re sure to see an M-1 fighter or three get shoehorned onto the card as well, because that’s how booking Fedor works.

And just because it’s a big deal for Bobby Lashley to have an opponent, here’s that booking from the other June Strikeforce show two weeks earlier…

Bobby Lashley vs Ron Sparks
Yes, it’s another opponent for Bobby Lashley that doesn’t really mean much. But on the plus side, Ron Sparks (5-0) seems like a hungry guy who’s actually trying to make something of his career, unlike dudes like Bob Sapp and Wes Sims who showed up prepared to get paid and not very prepared past that. I’ve been praying extra special hard to SpaceGod that Sparks takes out Lashley so Lashley learns that there’s a downside to taking ‘sure things’- when you lose one, you look a billion times lamer than if you lose a hard fought battle against a known and respected opponent.