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Strikeforce Challengers: Jorge Gurgel vs. Billy Evangelista

Cung Le says he’s back December 19th. I can’t help but mark out. Place is unglued for Evangelista.

Round 1:
Gurgel with leg kicks. He lands a stuff jab. Billy with his own leg kick and a right hook. He’s already got a mouse under his left eye though. They trade kicks that glance. Gurgel is just waiting to plant his feet and square up. He won’t do anything unless Billy does. Billy is fast enough to evade as soon as Jorge puts both feet parallel. Gurgel’s left knee is looking shredded. Evangelista hits a a takedown at the end of the round. OK, this brunette ring girl is totally doing it for me.

Round 2:
Jorge looks angry. He’s trying to bullrush Billy now. Billy lands a hard right hand. Gurgel goes wild and billy hits a takedown. Ground and piuns is indeed effective. Gurgel gets to full guard looking for Kimuras. Ref stands them up. Billy changing levels to fake him out and Gurgel lands a sick headkick that drops Evangelista. He catches a Guillotine but Billy escapes at the horn.

Round 3:
Clearly Gurgel stopped caring about winning and losing. He wanted to use up all the energy reserves he had and throw every punch like he was going to win with it. Billy spent most of the round trying not to get hit. Jorge went for a takedown and missed; his shots are as rare as lunar eclipses. Billy got a takedown at the end of the round and rode out the bell. Really interested in the decision.

30-27 and 29-28 for Billy Evangelista over Jorge Gurgel.

Weird decision. I had it 29-28 Gurgel.

Well, thanks for reading guys. Hope you enjoyed it and hope there’s a next time. Take care!