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Store Works. Yes, for Real This Time!

Unlike M-1, who makes bold promises that they never seem to actually live up to (tribute to a hilarious comment by Jackal Higgz), the store, after a lot of work, is actually working. We’re now offering 3 of our best designs, with plenty more on the way. Human Cockfighting is a week away, and we’re working on hilarious new designs. The more you buy, the more we’ll make.

Oh, and no, unlike todays earlier post, this time, it’s actually working. I’ll admit it’s a little ghetto, but you know how it goes; we start off looking a bit cheap, and then we destroy the competition with our awesomeness. Now, if you don’t buy any shirts, baby Jesus, baby Buddha, and baby Mario will cry.

  • caca661 says:

    =( why you ass rape me with horrible shipping prices?

  • Xavier says:

    The shirts actually look nice, kudos.

  • Higgz says:

    *takes a bow*

  • groda says:

    What the hell??

    You’ve been teasing with the human cockfighting shirt for ever, and now when the store actuallly opens it’s not there.

    Is this a sick joke or am I missing something?

    I mean the other shirts are okay I guess, but compared to the pure concentrated awesomeness of human cockfighting they are about as appealing as fightlinker’s ass disease.

    I demand that you correct this immediately.

  • Card says:

    $10 for shipping? baby jebus.

  • dulljake says:

    We kept the prices of the shirts themselves pretty low for you guys. As we sell more shirts, our ability to ship them out decreases. But for now, just fucking deal with it.

  • goodgod says:

    whoa! $10.00 for shipping!!

    cmon guys.

  • dulljake says:

    If you guys don’t like it, but a t-shirt from Tapout. Turns out the Shipping with Tapout is 9-12 bucks. It’s similar across the board. So enough with complaining about shipping prices. We’re not a charity.