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BBC News is reporting that former fighter turned bank heist mastermind Lee Murray has been sentenced to 10 years in a Moroccan jail for his role in the 100 million dollar + Securitas Depot Robbery. They also have some interesting new details on Murray’s role in the whole thing:

Earlier trials in the UK have heard how Murray began plotting Britain’s biggest robbery in the summer of 2005. It is thought that Murray, wearing a prosthetic disguise, was one of the fake police officers who ambushed depot manager Colin Dixon and abducted his wife and child.

Murray is also believed to have been the robber dubbed “Stopwatch” by detectives because he was seen on the CCTV tape bossing the gang around and timing their every move. He organised the raid with military precision and ensured the gang left the depot after being on site for less than an hour. Four days after the robbery in February 2006, Murray fled to Morocco.

Murray inadvertently provided key evidence for police when he crashed his car shortly before the robbery, and fled the scene leaving his mobile phone in the vehicle. He had accidentally pressed the record button on the handset during a conversation about the robbery with fellow plotter Lea Rusha, which was later recovered and used by prosecutors.

That last bit isn’t quite as master-mindy as the rest of the story. I wonder if it will end up in the movie they’re making about his life?