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Stop trying to convince Hughes to retire

I’ve had it about up to here with people putting their two cents in on who should retire and why. The biggest bullshit reason I keep hearing is for ‘the legacy’. Apparently Matt Hughes should retire to keep ‘his legacy’ intact. He’s not going to beat GSP for the belt unless Jesus appears in a vision and advises him to diversify, so what else is there really for him to do? Fight more lame / dangerous fights with people like Chris Lytle?

Well how about he does what he’s been talking about for a while and move to middleweight to challenge Anderson Silva? Oh yeah, how soon we all forget that he was talking about that back in February.

I’m not the boss of anyone, which is unfortunate because the route I see Matt Hughes following is way better than what’s probably going to actually happen. My advice is a break from fighting for half a year. He waits till Serra / GSP is settled, and then fights Serra. He’ll most likely win that bout, and that way he can leave the welterweight division on a win so lame internet douches like me can’t say he’s ‘running from the weight class with his tail tucked between his legs’.

And then he’s on to Anderson Silva. By then Silva will have beaten Dan Henderson and either Evan Tanner (believe!) or Yushin Okami. Matt Hughes will ride to the rescue and save us from a possible Silva vs Kampman or Marquardt 2.

Anyways, that’s just how I see it. I think Hughes is a dick but I love seeing him fight … so as long as he wants to keep fighting, I think he should. And I think everyone else should stop acting like he’s got nothing worthwhile left to do if he sticks around.

  • Tommy says:

    You think he striking sucks now. Wait till he does that little boxing stance with his arms crossed against Anderson. Think Franklin looked battered, Hughes very well might die.

  • Jackie Chiles says:

    I think when a guy who has dominated for as long as he has knows that he can’t be the best anymore/beat the best, then it really fucks with you mentally. The drive just isn’t there anymore. It’s like Cro Cop disease.

    I think Hughes will fight Serra (after he gets killed by Pierre) and that will be both of their last fights. It’s a way for the UFC to make some decent coin off a marketable match up and its a fight that still has some meaning unlike Hughes/Lytle type match ups.

  • I don’t think Anderson has the wrestling to keep it on his feet like GSP does. Hughes vs Anderson is a completely different dynamic, and I think Hughes matches up well against Silva (or Hendo, if Hendo wins)

  • Tommy says:

    Hendo can out wrestle Matt with skill and strength (IMO) and Silva with his reach will outstrike him keeping it from going to the ground and if or when it does go to the ground Anderson will just put in him some type of submission and submit him or pound him out in that position. I’d love to see the fight though, just to see Hughes get beat up some more. Notice Hughes didn’t have that cocky smirk he always wears into the ring last night? Tried southpaw..he can’t even strike in his conventional stance, and it sure didn’t help his takedowns. Working out at the hospital maybe was Hughes backup in case he needed medical attention afterward.

  • Vee says:

    I’m an Anderson fan. He has exciting fights. Henderson will pose many problems for Anderson. I really think that fight will go either way. So I know I’m skipping UFC80 and 81, but UFC82 is a must-see just for that fight alone. I hope it goes past 3 rounds. With that said, I agree Hughes vs. Anderson is a different dynamic. But I think Anderson would destroy Matt Hughes within 1 or 2 rounds.

    Lutter may have exposed Anderson takedown defense but I think Anderson Silva is still an improving fighter. Many people love to make tons of excuses for Travis Lutter: who had ample time to prepare for the fight, who had Anderson in a full mount, etc. etc. Either way . . . I would love to see Anderson Silva vs. Matt Huges just to see what would happen.

  • Brad says:

    No shame in getting your ass kicked by GSP. Hughes is only 34, he could fight at a high level for a few more years if he wanted to. He could also still beat most fighters at 170, he just will never be able to get the title from GSP.

    Hughes’ legacy will be fine even if he loses ten more fights before he retires. Nothing that happens to him will change what he has already done.

  • jd says:

    They are pulling a Ken Shamrock with Matt Hughes and retiring him before he even says anything. Matt himself has stated he’s not retiring… but what was with Mike Goldberg’s speech about his last match?

  • I’d be seriously disappointed if he at least didn’t fight Serra. But he said he’d see what the UFC wanted him to do, no way in hell they’re gonna let a PPV numbers puller like Hughes retire right now. I’d say they’d at least give him Serra, then a handful of more Royce Gracie fights. Who know they might even be crazy enough to have him step up and face Anderson. But whatever they do if its up to Zuffa he’s not going anywhere. Just look at how they had Couture’s contract, they had him signed until post-mortem.

  • Tommy says:

    Think he looked small againt GSP? Imagine a guy who can go to light heavy and fight like Anderson. It’s just a silly thought but I hope his ego makes him do it. They might even give him a title shot right away. They gave it to Penn the first time he moved up to welter.

  • Wu Tang says:

    I think you think too much about thinking of how matt huges thinks on retiring, dont you think? Too much thinking makes me think and thinking is like not cumming when your thinking of jerking off, i think not!