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Still no word from the main peeps

Considering the retarded amount of executive and upper management employees at ProElite, you’d figure there should be SOMEONE high up that’d be willing to talk to someone about what’s happening to the company. But as it stands no one has heard from anyone … many EliteXC fighters found out what was up from the press, and no one is taking calls, not even from the LA Times:

Pro Elite executives Lappen and Jared Shaw could not be reached for comment today. Shaw’s voice-mail message said, “If this is a member of the press, I will not be returning your call.”

His father, boxing promoter Gary Shaw, who saw his role change from president to consultant this year, said today he “wasn’t even a consultant anymore. I have no comment. I don’t know anything about it. I don’t know if they’re done.”

The only guy who’s making himself readily available to everyone is ProElite ‘consultant’ TJ Thompson, who hasn’t been shy in ripping everyone a new asshole, calling Jared Shaw ’embarrassing’ and backing up claims that StandGate was very real indeed. I really have to wonder who shit in his corn flakes to make him decide to lead the “Fuck you dumb ProElite fuckers” movement?